What Our Clients Have to Say

“I’m so pleased every day when I look at Google Alerts and see our titles all around the blogosphere, so thanks for that!”
World Ahead Media

“Dorothy Thompson is the Queen of the Virtual Tour. She knows her business. Dorothy has gotten me more publicity in a shorter time than all of the other pr people I have worked with put together. In addition, she has opened a new world of internet marketing to me. She has definitely moved me up the search engines. And that’s what we authors want, isn’t it?”

“…thank you for such a wonderful job – can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am…”
Jane Green, NY Times Bestselling author of SECOND CHANCE

“The Pump Up Your Book Promotion staff is a remarkable group of professional people who baby sit you through your entire tour. I highly recommend them. They treat your book like it’s their book.”
Garasamo Maccagnone , St. John of the Midfield

“I don’t think people realize how much work it is to promote your book. Jeez, writing the book is the easy part!!! I really thank Dorothy for putting my virtual tour together. I’ve had a few other writers ask me if I did this. My writing mentor was very impressed. But I told them I wouldn’t have even known where to start. Sure you can ask a few friends to host you, but how do get the schedule together without going crazy? There’s no way I could have done the tour by myself.”
Kim Baccellia, author of EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA

“When I began promoting the release of “Only Moments” I contracted a very high image Public Relations company. I got a few radio interviews but not one review, and no web exposure whatsoever. I only wish that I had met Dorothy Thompson and her “Pump Up Your Book Promotion” a few months earlier. Her tireless commitment gave me exposure beyond my expectations and at a tenth of what I paid one of the best Public Relations firms in the country.”
Nick Oliva, author of ONLY MOMENTS

“Dorothy is a wonderful resource for promoting your book. I highly recommend her blog tour for authors who want to get the most out their publicity dollars.”
Yvonne Perry, author of RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America

“Dorothy is amazing! She’s taught me so much about promoting books on the internet and she’s got a heart of gold.”
Kathy Holmes, author of REAL WOMEN WEAR RED

“Get in touch with the Pump Up Your Book Promotion people…they are the best!”
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

“It’s been great working with you! You’ve made the book marketing process fun. I’d recommend your service to any newly published author.”
Deborah Woehr, Prosperity: A Ghost Story

“I toured in December. Not only were the blogs diverse, but the pre-promotion and the marketing during kept my novels active in the search engines. Although technically the tour was to promotion my novel, Awakening the Dragon–Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy, the staff didn’t have a problem extenting the their services to cover the sequel, Dragon Domain–Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy. During the tour, my ranking at Amazon reflect a great increase in sales. Thank you team.”
Theresa Chaze, Awakening the Dragon – Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy

“I have shared your site and services with all of the authors at Bella Books and Spinsters Ink, and I hope some of them take advantage of your
services. so far, I am really pleased, and I have had nothing but rave reviews about my trailer. I love it!

Linda Kay Silva, Across Time

“First of all, the virtual world is entirely new to me, and discovering it has been a great adventure. And then Dorothy Thompson has been wonderful, working so hard on my behalf, getting me reviews, and interviews like this one, giving me an opportunity not just to talk about my book, but to meet a world of new and interesting people. And I’ve been so touched by how welcoming and kind and interested you (Rebecca Camarena) and other hosts have all been.”
Camille Marchetta, author of The River, By Moonlight (as quoted on Rebecca Camarena’s blog at Paperback Writer)

“This has been a wonderful experience. Dorothy Thompson and her whole team are very committed to each author, take each author’s tour very seriously, and work towards maximum exposure in the right places. This is the best book promotion expenditure I’ve made in terms of return on investment. I highly recommend Pump Up Your Book Promotion.”
Phyllis Zimbler Miller, author of MRS: LIEUTENANT

“This past month has been just amazing. Thank you so much for all you did to get the word out there…I loved your emails, always sprinkled with good humor and good sense…
I look forward to VBTing with you again in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.”

My best,
Linda Merlino, author of BELLY OF THE WHALE

“The tour’s going really well – my amazon book sales are up and the blog postings are storming up the google search pages…”
Gabriella Goddard, author of GULP!

“I have found my virtual book tour experience to be thought provoking and illuminating. It has made me think my book and my writing in much more thoughtful manner. I truly believe that virtual book tours help writers and inform readers, and I know that I will be doing one for all of my future novels.”
Bernadette Steele, author of THE POETRY OF MURDER

“(The tour)…was 10 times harder than writing the book. Would I do it again? Sure. It was challenging but it was fun.”

“My publisher just told me that JANEOLOGY is going back for a second printing. That means sales are going strong! I’m sure much of this has to do with my blog tour. Woo hoo! I’m having fun and I guess you can’t ask for more than that!”
Karen Harrington, author of JANEOLOGY

“I am really enjoying my experience with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. The people are wonderful to work with, and my name and my book title – well they are popping up everywhere on the web.”


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