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Book Spotlight: Peter: Rock Star from Galilee by Sherree Funk

If the New Testament were a Broadway musical, Peter would be one of the stars. He lived life loud, while making his best effort to be one of the best disciples. Peter was like a modern day rock star, but his struggles were just like ours. If Jesus could shape Peter into a solid rock of a disciple, he can surely do the same for you.

From his first call to follow, Peter was acutely aware of his own sinfulness. He wanted Jesus to go away, but ended up following. What makes people push Jesus away today? What makes them decide to follow? These are the kinds of “chew on this” questions you’ll find in Week One of Peter: Rock Star from Galilee.
Music always speaks to a deep place in the heart. Let music accompany your Bible study. Peter: Rock Star from Galilee will guide you through the ups and downs of Peter’s life story with a playlist of songs and hymns paralleling each chapter.

To better understand the feelings Peter had after denying Jesus three times, listen to Josh Wilson’s “Before the Morning.” Feel the love Christ had for all people even as he died by listening to the lyrics of “Amazing Love” by Chris Tomlin. By the end of the eight week study, you will create your own playlist of at least eight songs to bring back all you learned about Peter.

This eight-week study includes:

• Interactive questions for personal study and “chew on this” questions for small group discussion
• Photographs, maps, and informative sidebars for historical and geographical context
• Hands-on mission activities and discipleship challenges to encourage teens’ growing faith

Read an excerpt!

I have always loved hymns and praise music. As a little girl, I memorized multiple verses of dozens of hymns. As an adult, when contemporary Christian music came of age, I kept Christian radio playing in my car. When my children were young, Houston’s KSBJ played the music we sang along to during carpool. Music has a way
of speaking to the heart, and the message lingers long after spoken or written words have been forgotten.

As I began writing Peter: Rock Star from Galilee, I kept noticing how some of my favorite Christian songs fit beautifully with lessons about Peter. Some songs refer to specific incidents in Peter’s life, some speak to feelings Peter might have had, and some link lessons Peter learned to life in today’s world.

With iTunes and iPods, today’s teenagers are wired for music most of the time. So each chapter of this Bible study starts with a playlist of songs. Incorporating music with study is a great way to make spiritual lessons stick.

Play it. Sing it. Live it.

How is this Study Guide Set Up?

Each of the eight chapters has the following:

A playlist in which each song pertains in some way to the lessons of the week. Try listening to them, paying attention to the lyrics.

A preview of the week’s study and a prayer to set you off in the right direction.

Five days of study with interactive, short-answer questions.

‘Chew on this’ questions for deeper thought.

Christian Reality Challenges for hands-on faith building.

Into My Life—your guide for the small-group meeting, including:

The Jam Session, a condensed list of questions for small-group discussion.

A replay summary of the week and a final prayer.

Read the reviews!

“Peter’s impulsiveness and failures make him an easy character for young men and women to relate to. As your students dive into this Bible study I have no doubt that they will be challenged and transformed by the lessons Sherree has assembled here.”

–Jayson Samuels, Co-Founder and Family Pastor, Northbridge Community Church, Cranberry, PA

“I highly recommend this book to Sunday School classes or Bible Studies involving teens or pre-teen…If you are looking for a new study that will capture your teen’s attention, this study is for you!”

-Splashes of Joy

“This is a great way to encourage a teen to spend more time in the Word and not have him feel like it’s a chore…”

-Confessions of an Overworked Mom

“Honestly one of the most unique studies for teens that I have found that utilizes a great man of the Bible and how we can be like him. Sherree is in the forefront of writing enjoyable and engaging Bible studies for teens that will help equip them for the battle ahead.”

-So Many Books..So Little Time

“If you are looking for a new study for the teens in your life, I highly recommend Peter: Rock Star From Galilee and give it a huge thumbs up!”

-A Mom After God’s Own Heart

“If you are looking for a deeper understanding of how God can use ordinary people in daily life, this is a book that is worth checking out.”

-Lynn’s Corner

Well-grounded in biblical Christianity, Sherree G. Funk is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of God’s Word with the next generation. She has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and holds a Certificate in Christian Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. Sherree leads small groups of teens at Ingomar UMC. Peter: Rock Star from Galilee is her latest release. Her other teen Bible studies are available at www.servingonelord.com.

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    Great synopsis. Thanks so much Cheryl.

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