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Talking Virtual Book Tours with Horror Writer Ruby Dominguez

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Ruby Dominguez

Ruby Dominguez

Ruby Dominguez delivers a spine-tingling 17th Century of American Dark History to her readers in her newest fiction horror/romance screenplay, The Peruke Maker – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse (Outskirts Press).

Challenged by the conflicting complexities of the past and future but undeterred, she strokes with pen the somber and bright hues of her visions. She currently resides in San Francisco and works as a real estate agent.

Ruby will be on a virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours in October and November and is here with us today to give her impression of virtual book tours and online book marketing.

Thank you for this interview, Ruby. Can we start out by having you tell us briefly what your new book is about?

The Peruke Maker

The Peruke Maker

The Peruke Maker – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse is a compelling and suspenseful story that focuses on the infamous Salem Witch Hunt Curse, an ancient and evil practice which is unearthed from necromancy and violates the course of natural events in a modern day world.

Inspired by true events, The Peruke Maker is a well researched screenplay about the spiritual and emotional journeys of Bridget Cane, a stunning 17th century red haired beauty, and Sarah, a thoroughly 21st century woman. Their paths become inextricably bound across time and space as Thomas Cane’s vengeful curse continues to threaten the virtuous during this relentless quest for an avenger of innocent blood.

Like the book’s 21st century time traveler, Sarah, the author’s readers are introduced to this earlier, frightening world by the startling image of Bridget Cane, scantily clad, frozen in fear, her own imminent death portended by the Banshee’s bloodcurdling cries, set against the background of a witch hunt that has reached a feverish pitch in a society where the fear of sorcery and the devil is as real as God.

The story builds with heightened tension and conflict and fittingly ends in present day New York City when Sarah’s journey ultimately comes full circle as Michael’s love for her triumphs over the evil she must face in 17th century Salem. The suspense leading to her final redemption climaxes in a dramatic and magical act of rebirth which transcends the grave at the exact stroke of midnight on the Autumnal Equinox.

This is a beautiful illustration which captures the very essence of what this story is all about: love and forgiveness.

More and more authors are realizing the potential for sales that derives from virtual book tours. Can you tell us your personal reasons why you chose a virtual book tour to help get the word out about your new book?

The World Wide Web has no boundaries and virtual book tour is a stepping stone to an otherwise world market that may have been impossible to reach.

Is this the first time you have heard of them?

Yes, and recognizing the possible world market outreach it offers, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon so to speak.

What do you hope to achieve through promoting your book through a virtual book tour?

A buzz, marketing, recognition, sales, feature film!

Do you promote online through other means? Website? Blog?

Yes, I do have my websites at www.outskirtspress.com/theperukemaker and blogsite at www.salemcurse.wordpress.com.

Do you promote through Twitter and Facebook? What are your links there?

Author: Yes, I do tweet at http://twitter.com/ThePerukeMaker.

What are your experiences with offline book signings? Which do you prefer – online or offline and can you give us the reasons why?

Online book signing is expedient in terms of actual time and work but less intimate compared to offline signing though maybe a bit nerve-racking.

Here’s a fun question. If money was no object, how would you promote your book?

Money should never be an object to promoting your book. A lot of great ideas would have never been discovered if the creative artist had simply stop dead on his or her tracks because of money.

I have plans of doing a “Guerrilla Advertising.” I am trying to figure out how I don’t land in jail for it! (lol)

Thank you for this interview, Ruby. Do you have any final words?

Writing is inspiration erstwhile publishing is business. Just write… and let it lead you to where it may.

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